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  • Efficient Cleaning: With a powerful 500W motor, this mattress vacuum generates a suction power of 13Kpa and a main brush that rotates at a speed of 13,000/min. It effortlessly removes dust and pet hair.
  • Smart Dust Recognition: The smart dust sensor technology automatically calculates the amount of dust on the bed, and presenting a precise dust index and cleaning status. When the cleaning status light turns green, it indicates that the cleaning has been completed.
  • 99% Allergy Protection: Equipped with UV lights and ultrasonic technology, JIGOO J300 mattress vacuum uses 245nm ultraviolet rays and ultrasonic waves to eliminate various allergens, ensuring the health of your family.
  • 130℉ High Temperature: With a quick 5-second heating time, this bed vacuum reaches a temperature of 130℉ (55℃), further eliminating allergens. It is ideal for households with pets and babies. Note: The heating function only works when the machine is in direct contact with the mattress. Lifting the machine automatically stops the heating.
  • Convenient and Durable: J300 bed vacuum cleaner comes with a 5m (16ft) long cable, allowing for extended use and making it suitable for cleaning large areas of your home.

Mattress Vacuum Cleaner with Dust Sensor, Anti-allergen Bed Vacuum Cleaner


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